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I started piano at age four as physical therapy. My teachers were concerned with my construction-paper-cutting skills. Turns out I was horribly nearsighted. Borderline blind. After getting glasses, I stared wide-eyed at my feet, as if seeing them for the first time. So my parents…CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE

Program Bio

Evan Mazunik plays progressive jazz and improvised music as a composer, keyboardist, and musical director raised on the prairies of Iowa and rooted in the Denver, CO area. Fluent in Soundpainting, a sign language for live composition, Mazunik is composer/director for ZAHA, his NYC-based experimental Soundpainting ensemble. His compositions include commissions for jazz band, chorus, theater, dance, and film, and his work was featured in a documentary for the Finnish Broadcasting Company. Mazunik has performed with Carla Bley, Anthony Braxton, and Robin Eubanks, and has played at creative music venues such as Roulette, The Stone, and Galapagos. Evan Mazunik currently serves as Director of Worship and Liturgy at Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church in the South Denver metro area, where he infuses ancient liturgy with contemporary innovation. (127 words)


Teaching Bio

Evan Mazunik performs as a pianist and accordionist across Denver. With over 25 years of musical experience, Mazunik studied at the University of Iowa where he received both his bachelors degree in piano performance and his masters degree in jazz studies. As a guest artist and clinician, he has taught master classes at the Royal Academy of Music in London, the University of North Texas, and the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. Mazunik integrates improvisation into his playing, writing, and teaching while remaining a performer/composer dedicated to innovation. Evan Mazunik is available for workshops and private lessons in classical and jazz piano, accordion, composition, theory, ear training, and improvisation for elementary-age to adult students. By consulting with each individual to develop a set of goals, Mazunik tailors a custom made-curriculum to fit each student’s dreams. Contact him at evan(AT)blissstreetstudios.com to set up an appointment.


Soundpainting is the universal live composing sign language created by New York composer Walter Thompson for musicians, dancers, actors, poets, and visual artists working in the medium of structured improvisation. In a Soundpainting ensemble, the “Soundpainter” (i.e. composer/director) uses this sign language to indicate what type of response he or she desires from the performers. Using the Soundpainting sign language, an entire concert, theater work, dance piece, film score, or educational presentation can be realized spontaneously.


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…it is particularly in the playing of pianist Evan Mazunik…that one hears a true jazz spirit in terms of rhythmic “swinging” as well as improvisatory brilliance… —Lynn René Bayley, Fanfare

…Evan Mazunik’s piano accompaniment is the sort of dread-filled rumbling that brings Ran Blake to mind. –Cadence

[Mazunik’s] fluid, authoritative gesturing at first appears to be a choreographed dance of its own…Under Mazunik’s guidance, a perceptible shape begins to emerge…He draws the audience into the music, calling out for laughter with sweeping gestures, and the audience happily obliges. –Kyle Ancowitz, nytheatre.com

Mazunik brings a rare mix of formal clarity, soulful depth and playful spontaneity to his compositions. –Elizabeth Dishman, Coriolis Dance Inc.

I am always astonished at his rich musical portrayal, and am always buoyed along on the wave of his artistry. –Jeffrey Agrell, prof. of horn, University of Iowa

Mazunik is both dancer and martial artist as he swings a cupped hand and points his index finger…given the ever-present danger of pop music to spontaneously reduce itself to the same song, Sound Painting is a refreshing exploration of diverse sounds both everyday and extraordinary. –Mike Brooks, Daily Iowan

(for Duende’s Mosaic) …real spontaneity, a sense of gleeful freedom, as well as considerable sophistication. –Steven Giddens, All Music Guide


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